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Andrea (12.06.2009)
Awesome!!! Hopefully you'll be able to come to LA...I bet you'll have a lot of audience because you are famous, beautiful and a great dancer!!
Janahina Borges (01.06.2009)
Olá Nour!
estou muito feliz em conhecer sua história de vida, pois me identifiquei muito com você em vários pontos, eu também sou bellydancer. Sou brasileira e vivo em uma cidade pequena, e também tive e ainda tenho muitas dificuldades para aprender esta dança maravilhosa, bellydance. Mas meu amor a esta dança é maior do que as dificuldades que enfrento, então seguirei meu caminho ...
Meu sonho é conhecer o Egito, e conhecer você é claro... Você é uma vencedora e quero me tornar uma bailarina como você!
Dançar no Egito é meu grande sonho , espero um dia poder realizareste sonho e também conhecer você pessoalmente.

Hello Nour!
I am very happy in knowing his history of life, since I identified very much with you in several points, I also am bellydancer. I am a Brazilian and I live in a small city, and also I had and I still have many difficulties to learn this marvellous dance, bellydance. But my love to this dance is bigger than the difficulties what I face, then I will follow my way...
My dream is to know Egypt, and to know you is clear... You are a winner and I want to become a ballet dancer like you!
To dance in Egypt is my great dream, I wait one day dream is able realizareste and also to know you personally.
Dear Janahina!
If you didn't visit Egypt - Egypt is coming to you! Yasser and I will be in Porto Alegre on 25 June 2009. We hope to see you there!
Sara (27.05.2009)
Hello. Thank you for a wonderful and inspiering wokshop on SBDF! I wonder, what is the name of the song you used on the workshop (on sunday)? I don´t seem to get it oun of my head :)

Thank you!

Thank you Sara!The song of Jorg Wassouf "Saber we radee".
Andrea (25.05.2009)
Dear Nour!!!
My sister told me she attended your concert in Texas. Which was amazing.. We are both fans of belly dancing and of course yours. I'm wondering when will you ever have a concert in New York or Los Angeles. I'd love to go!!!
You're wonderful!
Dear Andrea!
Dee Dee invited us again for the next year March 2010. I'll post the info as soon as I have the details. Maybe we'll visit LA.
Fernanda (01.03.2009)
I love your style!!
I hope that one day you can come to Brazil!
I would love to have classes with you.
Congratulations!! You are very professional, and your dance is amazing!
Dear Fernanda!We are coming to Brazil, Porto Allegro 26-28 June,2009.You can read more about this event here in EVENTS.
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