2 Workshops with NOUR 6-7 Jan in Moscow!
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Mariya (17.05.2010)
Thank you for a wonderful Khaliggi workshop in Stockholm Belly dance festival 2010. Wonderful performances from you.
I would like to ask what the name of the song was, to the khaliggi workshop, the cds where sold i would like to have the name of the song please....Thank you again What you create is ART. Love.
Dhaval Vargiya (10.05.2010)
Dear Nour u r just too good at ur belly dance. I like belly dance so much, and honestly i have never ever seen a belly dancer like u,hates off to u dear.And u r so beautiful that i like u so much, i know ur husband will not like it(hahahahhahaha)but what can i do?its so because u r so..god bless u keep dancing.
Nuriel El Nur (03.05.2010)
Hi Nour, I couldnt send email for you, it came back. If you can, please send me your contact again.

It was such a great pleasure to be with you in Portugal and Egypt!

Hope to see you soon!

Ruth Vitorino (10.04.2010)
I've seen you in Portugal, you where great, thanks for the show. I hope you'l be back very soon.......
Oh, it was wonderfull trip!People in Portugal are very friendly.
The organizers Cris and Filippa are so great persons!
We hope to see all of you again soon!
Irene (02.04.2010)
Dear Nour,

Will you teach in Nile Group workshop in June? I hope to book your private class if possible. If you'll be there in June, may I book your time? Thanks a lot.
Yes, I'll teach in June.
Would you contact me to my e-mail please :-)).
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